Day 5 of my Lisbon2Istanbul trip, pedaling on a highway under tempest and reaching MILFtown for some freegan food

"Just be very careful, it shouldn't be dangerous. I think."

It's with these words that a local lady had mwme cycling on the highway towards Sines, under the pouring rain.

Boots are a soggy, smelly mess just like the rest of my clothes, the nonsense of this situation puts a smile on my face.

Rushed to Sines thinking what i'd tell the cops if they stopped me cycling on the highway, and finally rain stops; this place has the best bike path and it's like coasting on melted butter.

Took a pic with the statue of explorer Vasco da Gama and had an exchange of portuguese rude words with an old xenophobic gentleman.

Reached villanova had bad feeling about it, stayed on the beach and considered sleeping there, even if the marine police department is right there.

A local fisherman disappeared in the sea and beaches will probably be well guarded, so I opt for a 6 euro campsite and hate myself.

On my way I come across a closed fruit shop with boxes of unsold vegetables on the side. I make sure it's stuff that is not going to be sold and take three avocados. The owner of the camping restaurant is kind and gives me three cloves of garlic, freegan guacamole town here I come!

Tested my small wood gas stove by making pasta with sardines, it takes 16 minutes to rolling boil - not too shabby if you consider it uses free fuel.





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