Day 13 of my Lisbon2Istanbul trip, the italian connection

I reached Villa Real de Santo António just in time for a much needed cold beer after a long day under the sun.

Tonight I am staying at Mario, the friend of Claudio a CS host that couldn't have me tonight.

He retired in Portugal and goes back and forth from there to Italy.

He is an experienced cyclist and he gives me a few consigli on setting my bike.

He friendly criticizes my careless approach to this adventure, and tells me to be careful with my body and bike: a mistake could cost me health and my whole trip.

He is right and knows from experience how much difference an optimal setup makes, and my approach must look very naif from his point of view.

I will integrate the alimentation tips he gave me, such as using honey as a source of sugars to keep glucose levels high, and make sure the saddle distances and tire pressure are on point; but his approach to cycling is that of facts, which I am carefully avoiding in favour of a who cares really attitude (which will hopefully teach without too much harm).

His wife and daughter make me feel right at home, and having a carapaus assados dinner in a proper portuguese restaurant the nicest way I could have said adeus to this country.

Comfy couch here I come

Over and out,



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