About Tom Cooks

I find it difficult to find an easy answer to this question, because I have been many different persons in my life and have done several different jobs, trades and career choices, so i find it difficult to incapsulate myself in a single slot - also because said slot is going to change shortly anyway.

Maybe the trick to see clearly is to list, of all the possible things i can be labeled with, what i used to be and i am currently not; this might reduce the chance of restricting myself and avoid following a set of standards based on the assumption that life is not an evolving thing:

  • I am not fat
  • I am not a student
  • I am not christian
  • I am not a comic book creator
  • I am not a bass player
  • I am not monolingual
  • I am not a drummer
  • I am not a factory worker
  • I am not a warehouseman
  • I am not bilingual
  • I am not a percussionist
  • I am not a circuitbender
  • I am not a speaker of mandarin chinese
  • I am not in a stable relationship
  • I am not a freelance graphic designer
  • I am not living in the same place where i was born
  • I am not a webdesigner
  • I am not a programmer
  • I am not rich
  • I am not a hobo
  • I am not stable
  • I am not trilingual
  • I am not a smoker
  • I am not pale

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