Mexican wrestler leaves everything behind and dedicates his life to the all-seeing overlords

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How does it feel like to be a luchador in 2015

Well it's pretty nice but the training is pretty hard and the gym my team uses has outdated equipment.

People in richer parts of town have access to better rings and to quality equipment, which implies them being selected for closed-group championships. One can only hope one day things will change, but i am kind of fed up with this life and i would like to close with the past.

Is this the reason why you have ultimately decided to abandon your career in lucha fights?

The reason behind this choice is entirely personal and has nothing to do with the government or reptilian cults.

I believe that each person has the right to have reptilian eyes, even celebrities. This is ultimately why you should follow my example i think.

What do you miss most about what you used to do before

You see, once you join a reptilian cult you kind of abandon what you were in the past.

This radical choice allows you to focus on your present and to stop worrying about the future.

Take it sleazy and rock on,



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