My food recipes channel on PeerTube

Exploring traditional food recipes and how grandmas fed families with no money nor michelin stars

I got lucky enough to be selected for a sponsorship by SourceHut's PeerTube content bootstrap fund, and become a video content creator on SpacePub. I'm proud to be able to collaborate to a project that aims at offering content outside of the giant commercial monoliths, and to have received compensation for my idea and efforts.

What content I'd like to produce

My channel will focus on understanding the basics of food preparation and how illiterate grandmohers managed to feed families of 5-10 elements with very little means.

Rather than offering the copy-pasted recipes that you get from most food video channels, I'd like to focus on how food fixed a problem (hunger) in the fastest, simplest, cheapest way possible. This is how, thanks to famine, suffering, and survival, the world got the recipes we know nowadays. Rather than focusing on exact measurements and precise instruction I'd like to stick to efficiency and tradition. Let's see how the project develops.

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