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Escape the numbness

Ever been bored to death with your current lifestyle?

This can happen after quitting a job, during a supposedly perfect vacation, after a breakup.

After investing time and money planning the perfect life, you find yourself staring out of the window. You're in the supposedly perfect place, with every box checked, yet something is missing.

This is exactly the situation where I have found myself in the past, doing a stressful job in IT that ultimately led to me quitting out of frustration.

I grabbed a bag, jumped on a train and began walking towards what ended up being a turning point in my life: from there I've taken millions of steps, pedaled thousands of miles, met billions of cool persons.

From zero to hobo

A step to step approach to adventure, with safety and fun in mind

I know how difficult it is to begin experimenting with exploration, and how this fear of danger, failure or disappointment can make us want to stick to the heavily marketed side of travelling.

That's why I've planned my masterclass using the same approach that I've used while experimenting with these techniques myself: a series of step by step lessons that you can gradually integrate in your lifestyle or travelling setup, until you feel comfortable enough to take the training wheels off and go full hobo.

Valuable pro tips

Real life skills you can use during the weekend, during your vacations, during the next pandemic

The skills and techniques offered in the masterclass have been collected on the field, learned through trial and error, lots of mistakes and generous donations from black belt nomads that shared their battle-tested knowledge with me.

Forget the usual "don't forget your phone charger" travel advice, what I'm offering in my homelessness lessons are tried and true pro tips that you can apply in your daily life to save money, take a pause from life, or during emergency situations where means are scarce and who knows how to adapt has the higher hand.

Would you rather follow a "top 10 best travel equipment" checklist written by some blogger that just wants to sell you crap, or learn lifesaving tips I've collected from toothless hobos that have been living out of a backpack for years? Your call~

Do more with less

Discover how comfortable you can be even if you find yourself close to rock bottom

With the techniques you will learn here you will discover that you don't need much to be content. You'll learn how to take care of yourself in safety and with a proactive mindset so that, should you find yourself in a difficult position in the future, you'll know how to be comfortable and propell yourself forward.

This training will not only allow you to save money by taking alternative routes, but will teach you how develop a mindset that makes you more independent and invulnerable to life-shattering disasters.

360 degrees of freedom

A whole-spectrum approach to all your needs while you're confronted with a lack of comfort

The lessons in this course touch all the subjects that you're going to face in your day to day life on the road:

Personal safety

Learn how to expose yourself to the world around you without endangering yourself


Travel for free, save money on transportation, learn how to move from A to B minus the $.


Live like royalty in the comfort of a tarp, a tent, under the stars.


A simpler life doesn't mean that you have to starve, cook without needing a kitchen or a restaurant.

Hygiene & Personal Care

Learn how to take care of your body while travelling, being a hobo doesn't mean that you have to live in dirt.

Money-making on the road

Substain yourself while you're busy exploring enjoying the best that life has to offer.

Levelling up

Advanced, field-tested, hobo tricks to further explore the lifestyle once you've taken your training wheels off.

And much more

A bunch of extra tidbits and pro tips straight out of the mouth of experienced travellers and nomads.

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