Here is how you can donate to the development of my projects and me.

Every bit is appreciated, and helps me invest a bit more time into doing what I like.

How to donate

There are different methods to fund my projects:


LiberaPay focuses on recurring donations and it's structured around a non-profit organization.

The money I get on LiberaPay helps me give back to the SpacePub project that is kindly hosting my my food video channel.

Along with helping me substain the video server, the ingredients I need to cook and myself, with every LiberaPay donation you will also help me feed the homeless people I come in contact with.

Donations can be done with a credit/debit card or PayPal account, can be made completely anonymous and you can chip in as low as 0.01€ per week.


I'm not a big fan of PayPal, due to their aggressively monopolistic atitude.

On the other hand it's a very well known, battle-tested donation platform so feel free to use it if it's what you prefer.