A glass of chilled white wine, grilled fish and some vegetables, the most precious sunset nature can offer, flirting with a prosperous mediterranean brunette. What more do you want from life? Maybe a giant pair of..

Fish fillets, wine, steamy sex on the floor, warm weather. Is this the reason why Germany is attempting to kill Greek economy?

Show your support for simple life with this retardely simple recipe and dwell in carnal pleasures FORGIVE ME PADRE FOR I HAVE SINNED


  • medium sized zucchini -- 4 or 5
  • bream or trout fillets, cleaned and with skin -- 4 filets
  • salt -- a pinch
  • freshly ground pepper -- a pinch
  • fresh thyme - some leaves
  • fresh lemon or lime - half

As usual these amounts are for an orgy of two.


Warm up a cast iron grill pan on very high heat; in the meantime rub olive oil and thime on the fish, both the inside and the skin.

Slice the zucchini with a knife, these slices will be grilled so don't cut them too thin or they'll burn nor too thick or they'll never cook.

When your grill pan is warm cover it with most of the zucchini slices, add a tiny dash of olive oil, salt and pepper.

After about 2/5 minutes, depending on how thin the slices are, flip them over so that they cook on the other side as well - don't let them burn!

When your first batch of zucchini is done pop open a bottle of cold white wine and have an aperitivo as you cook the rest of the food.

Now that your grill is empty add the 4 fish fillets and the rest of the zucchini; add, salt pepper and oil to taste.

I suggest cooking the skin side first, so that it hardens up a bit as it grills and contains the juices of the meat better; after 3/4 minutes flip the fishes and the zucchini and it's ready to be served.

If you want to show off squeeze half a lemon or lime on top of it all and feast away.


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