- ALI VET ILE has been selected to be included in the program of Little Islands Festival 2020, in Sikinos, Greece; unless the COVID19 pandemic blocks everything, it will be displayed on the 21st-23rd of August 2020.

Download the Tech Rider (274KB pdf file)

Download executable (119MB zip file, Microsoft Windows 32/64, GNU+Linux 32/64/ARMv6/64)

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How to express the uniqueness of Sikinos and the cycladic islands?

Use a part of the island architecture, the paved floors, as a visual cue to display images of the island to those who keep the island lively.

Interaction in the street with other members of the community is promoted and visually rewarded with colorful examples of what Sikinos has to offer to the world.

The traditional paved ways of Sikinos with thick white cement lines separating slabs of stone
Example of the traditional paved floor, which inspired the installation


You can download the above video for local viewing as a 7.2 MB webm or 101 MB mp4 file.


This installation can work either as projected on a wall or shown on a screen (an old television connected to a computer or SBC, with a microphone placed nearby

Example of the installation
Example of the installation projected on a white wall, right next to the tiled pavement, as an ideal continuation of the floor.

Ideal. post festival, further development

With support, in the future I would like to turn this into a self sustainable installation that recharges its own batteries with a solar panel during the day, and at night displays a live picture feed of pictures shot on the island, or tagged with #sikinos hashtag. It could be a useful tool to aid in promoting Sikinos tourism and its activities to both residents and visitors.

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