How to use that handful of leftover arugula, pasta and a few other items you need to get rid of because they have been hiding in your fridge for too long

This is a layered backup recipe, feel free to remove or add ingredients:


  • Pasta -- 250g
  • Olive oil -- 6 tbsp
  • Feta -- Half a cup or so
  • Parmesan cheese -- Enough
  • Arugula -- Two fistfuls of leaves
  • Garlic -- 2/3 small cloves
  • Chili -- Some
  • Pine nuts -- Some
  • Lemon juice and zest -- 1/2 small lemon
  • Basil -- 5/6 leaves
  • Cooking salt and Pepper -- Some

These amount are for two hungry poor persons.


Boil water, add pasta.

In a cup squeeze half the lemon, grate in a bit of the zest, throw empty half lemon in the trash.

Add a dash of oil, salt and pepper, some diced feta and a few basil leaves. Dip in most of the arugula and stir around with a fork.

If you have fish sauce, add two tablespoons to the cup.

Heat up the pan with some oil, stir fry thin sliced garlic, chili pepper and pine nuts; break the pine nuts with a wooden spoon so they release their oils as they toast a bit.

If you have bacon you need to get rid of, throw it in. Or a sausage, or chorizo, or speck, prosciutto, or anything really. SARDINES. ANCHOVIES. KITTENS.

When garlic is golden throw in the arugula with the juices, add the remaining diced feta.

Add pasta, add a bit of oil and stir well.

Serve covered with a few fresh leaves of basil or mint, cubes of feta, freshly ground black pepper. Quartered cherry tomatoes.


Best served with too much white wine.


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