Day 12 of my Lisbon2Istanbul trip, madhouse

"You have a lot of stuff", tells me this very tall, very hippie-Santa older gentleman as he locks his bike.

He came from Berlin to Portugal with a bike, a sleeping bag, a knife, a spoon and the clothes he was wearing.

He is right and that reminds me that I have to consider sending or trashing unused stuff. My base weight is way too much at 16kg and I should keep my luggage at 7kg, 10% of my bodyweight.

I think I will wait until I am in a big Spanish city and try reducing some of the unused stuff.

Tonight I am Couchsurfing in what used to be an asylum.

The architecture of this place is nice and the people living in are working hard to make Backpackers Asylum the e best hostel in Faro.

My first contact with nearby Spain is Alvaro, a painter from the Pyrenees decorating the hall walls

Nuno and Dani are turning this place in a pirate cove. It's one or those old style hostels that are a giantmiddle finger against overpriced, glamourous hipster places. The presence of a tattoo parlor should be enough proof of this claim of mine.

I spend the day in the most absurdly boring way, mapping my next days so that I can arrange meetups with friends on the way, and trying my luck with CS requests.

After a delicious dinner we spend the evening talking outside about their projects for the future, nice travel stories and jokes.

I crash on a couch made out of pallets and sleep like a king.


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