20 may 2016 12:15 adventure begins

Vìtor gives me a brofist and a hug, the goodbge imperial he offered puts my legs on standby as I pedal eastwards.

I am content, bike is behaving nicely and it fits me well. Some things will be adjusted on the way, since I started the adventure as soon as I collected the bike and set up my bags as well as I could.

I find myself whistling and singing while I'm panting under the hot late May sun, and that's a clear sign that all is good.

I am still thinking if i should have skipped the ferry across the Tejo and pedal all the way towards the first doable bridge, in Villa Franca da Xira. It would have taken me 4 more days and i've already wasted too much time waiting for my bike, and the sense of guilt disappears with the first sweat I break.

David, my biketouring-savvy couchsurfing host, told me to eat continuously, to keep glucose levels high and never let myself starve. Bananas, dark chocolate, bread, fruit, repeat.


I keep considering eliminating the wok, the coffee maker, the action cam and the laptop, to shave off more load off my bike.

Wok at the moment seems to be pointless at best, the Czech Army mess kit I got from Varusteleka performs so well it makes the wok redundant; coffee dehydrates me, carrying a caffettiera saves me very little money, requires a fire and a bag of coffee; i am filming and writing articles from my phone and both netbook and action cam lie unused in my bag.

Costa da Chiapparica

I decide to crash by Praia do Infante, on Costa da Caparica.

As I am waiting for everyone to leave I eat some food and notice that the owners of the nearby beach lounge seem nervous, they keep on staring and seem visibly concerned by my presence on the dunes.

Is it paranoia or are they really afraid I might be a wrong-doer? Before they call the police I leave and go to the next beach.

While I wait in the new spot, Praia da Bela Vista, a man stands nearby and we chitchat in portuguese; the conversation is a bit awkward for some reason which I cannot grasp. The next dude approaching me, wearing only a tiny union jack swimming suit, makes the situation clearer by explaining that this beach is for gay cruising and that the forest where I intend to camp is full of creeps looking for ass (exactly what he is looking for, as he explained).

Before leaving, the beach gairy wishes me luck for my trip and that he wishes me to wake up next to naked man; we laugh and he crosses the parking lot by the dune, a car slowly follows him as he disappears in the nearby forest

Couchsurfing santas

I go back to Praia do Infante, Ana and Ana from Couchsurfing come visit me, they drove forkne hour just to say goodbye. This is one of the sweetest things that could ever happen to me on the first night; we chitchat in the car as people leave the beach lounge and the parking lot.

I mount tent and write this. tired but it's difficult to fall asleep. the ocean cracks the silence behind the dunes while i hope nobody steals my bike while I sleep.

over and out, remember to kick ass today

Total costs: 0.40 + 7.80 = 8.20


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