6 months, 14 countries, more than 12233km

After exactly 6 months, 3 days, 13 hours and 15 minutes, on the 24th of November 2016 at 01:30 I did a bicycle celebratory round of the Republic Monument in Taksim Square in Istanbul:

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This adventure happened because of the support of:

  • My family, my biggest fans
  • IMPAVIDI, always being there for me
  • Friends and enemies i made on the road

It's a real blessing to be surrounded and supported by such a group of amazing people.

The second part of my trip

Riding for more than 12000 kilometers was just half of the project; now it's time to go back to civilization and work on the material I collected during these 6 months:

Collection of recipes

All the recipes I discovered will be collected in a book that I am trying to get published; nice pictures and illustrations, steps that are easy to follow, information about where it comes from and its ingredients. Check out the recipes I discovered during my bikepacking tour from Lisbon to Istanbul


During this trip I shot a lot of short videos and I would like to remix them and produce something different from the usual boring bike tour documentary standard.

If you are interested in this I suggest you check out my YouTube page and subscribe there.


This trip was an excellent opportunity to test the current state of outdoor equipment and techniques to survive on a limited budget.

I would like to see wether there is an opportunity to expand on the subjects of homelessness, survivalism, endurance adventures, nutrition and biketouring gear.


During this trip I started to get press coverage and now that the adventure is over more are coming my way; a big part of the post-trip bureaucratic phase is to deal with journalists and explain what happened in 6 months.

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Remember to kick ass!

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