Day 8 of my Lisbon2Istanbul trip, gentrification and and ukranian kindness

I reached Albufeira, the most gentrified town of Algarve.

Some cultures have a hard time integrating abroad, and in Algarve it seems to be mainly Britis in their PUBS advertising FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST drinking their FULL ENGLISH PINTS.

I find it difficult not to criticize everything I see like an idiot, and assume things.

The day before i met the most lovely couple of English expats, this should be enough proof to me that it's not a cultural thing.

Maybe it's the weekend warriors that are unbearable for me, they remind me of my time in Amsterdam.

I despised so much that go abroad, get drunk, pass out in vomit and piss, leave without cleaning or saying sorry attitude; I love Portugal and I am afraid it will become trashy, but most importantly I am terrified of this pretty country and people losing everything in the name of their infinite sense of hospitality, humility and economic crisis; not for a few coins Portugal, you are not cheap slut and are better than that. Força!

At 10PM as I am sharing views with a hobo I meet Juliya, a lovely Ukrainian.

She took care of my bike, got me Indian food,a shower and a lovely bed.

She is so happy to be in Albufeira and her house with pool and ocean view makes me think that this is it, this is what people dream of, and maybe I shouldn't criticize.

Went to sleep with a CS hospitality confirmation in Loulé, but it's for the day after tomorrow. I assume I should never refuse hospitality, a bed and a shower, so I gladly accept.


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