Your band gets promotion, I get background music that doesn't suck

During my bicycle trip from Lisbon to Istanbul I will record some videos and upload them on my YouTube channel, something like this:

As you can probably tell, they are mostly going to be silent movies.

I like the silence: cooking to me is a bit like meditation, and I think that having nothing else to focus on other than the sound of ingredients being cut, roasted and eaten helps me cooking better.

But sometimes it could be nice to have background music to listen to while cooking and filming the beautiful sceneries offered by the Mediterranean.


  • Name of your band featured in the movie title and/or description
  • Link towards your music in the movie description
  • Terrible video and audio quality
  • Single digit views
  • Nasty comments from my subscribers
  • No economical gain whatsoever
  • Free food if you live somewhere on the Mediterranean coast

If you were looking for a terrible promotional platform for your band and music, this is the service that will suit your needs!

What do I need from you?

I don't need anything from you, really. I could produce my own music or make some little money by using YouTube default tracks.

But if I can help some obscure, unknown, 2KVLT4U band to get a few listens from strangers that's cool

What kind of music am I looking for

Anything that doesn't suck, if it sucks I will not put it in my videos.

Precedence goes to:

  • dark/black/trash/brutal metal
  • breakcore
  • glitch/noise
  • dubstep (the no-douchedrops, accent on the dub part, kode9 kind - thanks)
  • good IDM
  • manouche
  • weird folk stuff
  • country/banjoduel
  • industrial
  • fun tracks


How long will it take

Probably a billion years, do not get your hopes up: during my bicycle trip I will be busy cycling all day, set a tent, cook, shoot videos, interview people, forage food and booze, try to get laid, crash and die. So after you upload the file subscribe to my channel, pray and be patient, if/when it's done it's done.

Will your song get cut, mangled and/or degraded in quality and #aestetics

Hopefully not, probably yes. Depends on the length of the video, wind direction, and your luck. I am using an automated script to build video files on my solar-powered netbook and I am not going to spend starry nights in my tent editing files to make them sound or look perfect, it's simply impossible on this machine.

  • If the song is longer than the video, it will be cut (possibly with a fadeout)
  • If the song is shorter than the video, it will be looped

There is no way for me to know how long a file will be, my automated script takes the single takes i shot, adds an mp3 file and regurgitates a video file which is then uploaded on YouTube.



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