A healthy way to get rid of leftovers, vegan fusion style.

The recipe i have picked for my first video is something i often prepare when i am on the go because it's both cheap (1.25$ per serving) and healthy (260kcal).

The ingredients can be easily swapped or modified: this configuration with broccoli and bell pepper is usually cheaper during late winter when these vegetables come cheaper; the pricey bit is obviously the ginger root, which can be exchanged with the juice of half a lemon/lime/orange; otherwise, if you have some little more cash to invest and want to drag this recipe further down the asian fusion side of the scale: double the ginger root quantity (make it 2tbsp), add a freshly cut chili pepper to the oil at the very beginning and sprinkle some soy sauce on top of the finished dish right before serving.


  • leftover boiled whole grain rice, boiled the previous day -- 1 cup
  • A red bell pepper, diced -- Half
  • A broccoli,diced -- Half
  • Extra virgin olive oil -- 2 tbsp
  • Garlic cloves -- 3
  • Leftover dried black beans, soaked and boiled the previous day -- 1 cup
  • Onions, sliced -- 2
  • Carrot, diced -- 1 medium
  • Ginger root, diced -- 1 tbsp

These are amounts for a 2 persons serving, or one starving hobo with a lot of appetite.


Peel and slice the onions

Peel and dice the carrot

Peel and slice thinly the garlic cloves and the ginger root, put them in a wok or frying pan (optionally you can add a sliced fresh chili pepper, which unfortunately i didn't have at the time of shooting)

Dice the broccoli and the bell pepper

Add a little olive oil to the pan, turn on the heat on a high flame

As the garlic starts to stir fry, add the diced onions and carrots and stir

When the onions turn golden, add the diced broccoli and bell pepper

Stir, add salt and pepper

Add cooked black beans, stir

Add boiled brown or white rice, stir well


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